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The garden is open for the NGS on
Sunday July 22nd 2018 from 1pm - 5.30 pm.

Refreshments are available.

Plants are for sale.

Admission:    £4 per person. Children Free

View by appointment:
June 1st   - September 1st

We offer visitors the opportunity to view specially selected art work by Maureen during open days. These will also be available for purchase.(please see ‘Maureen Sawyer’)



Private parties are very welcome and we offer guided tours.

Admission:   £4 per person.
Concessions for parties over 10 people.

Refreshments are available.

We have a a huge range of plants are for sale. These are propagated from those we grow at Southlands.

All proceeds to Christie Hospital, Manchester

Please telephone or email if you wish to view the garden and ask about any of these services when booking.

Southlands is 3 miles south of Manchester.

Find us in the "Yellow Book".
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